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"Where to find Software Piracy (Antipiracy) Solutions & Anti-Piracy Products "

Software piracy is inevitable without anti-piracy controls... but how can these be employed EASILY, QUICKLY and totally SECURELY?

AntiPiracy World is pleased to announce a solution to these software piracy issues - the CipherPack anti-piracy product.

Software Piracy

There is nothing worse than spending months or years developing a software product and then within hours or days of its release having a hacker reverse engineer the registration process and publish a crack.

CipherPack prevents this. Hackers can't reverse engineer what they can't see. Pack your install programs with CipherPack and only paying customers will be able to run it.


Despite its ease of use for piracy protection, CipherPack is literally packed with a host of features, which make it suitable for a number other tasks... amongst them:

  • Secure file transmission

  • Secure software distribution over the Internet

  • Protecting personal information on a shared PC

antipiracy, software piracy, anti piracy, piracy software, software theft, cipherpack Antipiracy Features

Many... Fast and Safe; Simple to use (Point and click); Handles all types of files; Industrial strength encryption; No decryption software required on receiving machine; Files are compressed as well as encrypted; Multiple File support; Supports character or hex passwords; Retain original relative directory path option; Delete original files option Original file date and time preserved; Supports Microsoft Windows 9x, 2000 and NT...

Cipherpack Technical

CipherPack uses a symmetrical key block cipher algorithm as well as a lossless compression algorithm. It is suitable for all types of data and 'packs' the resultant file with the decryption and decompression code.

For more details see our technical page.


Further Information Further Information

If you are serious about protecting yourself against software piracy, anti piracy controls are essential. To demonstrate our confidence in the CipherPack solution, and to enable to you try it out and to ensure it is right for you, we have provided an evaluation/demo copy. Please feel free to download this without obligation.

Finally, if you need any assistance or guidance on any antipiracy related issue, or on CipherPack itself, please do not hesitate to contact us

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